The Xtreem Raptor Eye RC Quadcopter drone is great for first time drone users, particularly for kids. Currently priced at $99.95 it allows you to get a birds view with its 720P video capability, the USB card reader allows to capture awesome pictures and videos of every twist and turn. The lightweight aerodynamic design allows for full 360 degree manoeuvrability creating ever lasting fun in the air indoors and out. The control system can be touchy at first but once learned full flight up to 40m can be enjoyed. The two battery’s provided allows for only 14 minutes of pure fun of flips, tumbles and more, with a recharge time of 90minutes, this being its only downfall. Assembly is required for the rotor guards but all equipment is provided.

Having had the Raptor-Eye for a month I’ve really enjoyed using it and would recommend this drone to anyone who wants to try it out one for first time.


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