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Media Release: Thursday, April 30, 2015

Presto in May

More HBO favourites arrive along with critically acclaimed movies and drama from overseas and Australia

Presto today announced a roster of new programming coming to Presto in May, including exclusive hits from HBO as well as hit shows from eOne, many coming first to Presto.

Commencing Sunday May 3, Presto TV will feature two critically acclaimed dramas from HBO. The first, Generation Kill, is a seven-part mini-series that follows a battalion of elite reconnaissance Marines as they cope with the daily struggle of war, including supply issues, military red tape, and missed communications during their march on Baghdad in the opening weeks of the Iraq war. Supernatural drama Carnivàle (seasons 1-2) introduces viewers to a different kind of battle, one between light and dark forces set against the backdrop of a mysterious travelling carnival.

This May will also see the addition of a slew of hit programs from leading distributor eOne:

· Hell on Wheels seasons 1-4 (starting Sunday, May 3) takes place in the aftermath of the US Civil War and follows former confederate soldier Cullen Bohannon as he journeys westward into a lawless melting pot of a town known as “Hell on Wheels,” which moves with the construction of the first transcontinental railroad;
· Haven seasons 1-4 (starting Sunday, May 10) is based on Stephen King’s ‘The Colorado Kid,’ and follows FBI Agent Audrey Parker on a routine assignment turned supernatural as she investigates a town beset by a range of mysterious afflictions and filled with secrets;
· The Slap season 1 (starting Sunday, May 10) is a bold, provocative Australian drama series that examines the mores and morality of contemporary middleclass life. Based on Christos Tsiolkas’ bestselling novel, this eight-part drama traces the shattering repercussions of a single event upon a group of family and friends;
· Rookie Blue seasons 1-4 (starting Sunday, May 17) involves a close-knit group of ambitious young cops out to prove themselves. Protagonist Andy McNally, whose father was a homicide detective and her four colleagues experience the trials, triumphs and tribulations of police work, as well as its effect on their personal lives;
· Bitten season 1 (starting Sunday, May 24) introduces us to Elena, the only female werewolf in existence, who is desperate to escape from both the paranormal world she’s in and the man who turned her into a wolf. Torn between two worlds, Elena finds herself thrown into a battle to protect her former pack while keeping her secret hidden (first on Presto);
· Rogue season 1-2 (starting Sunday, May 24) tells the story of Grace, an undercover detective tormented by the possibility that her actions contributed to a tragedy. In her quest for the truth, she strikes out on her own and falls deep into the city’s most powerful and dangerous crime family (first on Presto);
· The Firm season 1 (starting Sunday, May 24) picks up the story of attorney Mitch McDeere a decade after the events in the John Grisham novel and 1993 movie. When McDeere and his family come out of hiding to reclaim their lives, they find their enemies’ thirst for revenge is stronger than ever (first on Presto);
· Matador season 1 (starting Sunday, May 24) chronicles the story of a DEA agent recruited by the CIA to infiltrate a professional soccer team to investigate illicit activities by the team’s owner.

Presto also welcomes Rectify seasons 1-2 (starting Sunday, May 17). Coming from Sundance TV, Rectify stars Aden Young as Daniel Holden, who spends nearly 20 years on death row for rape and murder before new DNA evidence nullifies his conviction. He returns home, but he’s far from welcomed by a town still divided by his alleged crime, and the prosecutor who convicted him determined to reopen the case.

New movies joining Presto in May include the romantic comedy The Longest Week, starring Jason Bateman; the hilarious Walk Of Shame featuring Elizabeth Banks doing her best to overcome a debaucherous night out and a killer hang over in order to land her dream job; World War 2 epic Fury which follows a battle-hardened tank crew on a deadly mission behind enemy lines in a move to strike at the heart of Nazi Germany; The Skeleton Twins, a movie that gives new meaning to family as loved ones try and put the pieces of their lives together, accept one another and move on together; and The Turning, a collection of short films based on stories by Australian writer Tim Winton.

For new subscribers, Presto is currently offering a free 30-day trial^ of the Presto Entertainment bundle subscription.