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Media Release: Wednesday May 20, 2015

Two Hour Countdown premieres on MAX Saturday, June 6 at 8pm Channel 805 only on Foxtel

Hello, good thanks! Our favourite Greek goddess Effie, the stunning megastar slash cultural icon takes over Party MAX.

Join Effie for her Top 25 classic songs of the 90s. There’s MC Hammer, La Bouche, Peter Andre, Paula Abdul and more. Songs to get you on the floor or on your back! How embarrassment!

Throw in some classic Effie advice covering everything from love to fashion to cars and technology, and you have two hours of Party MAX you don’t want to miss.

PARTY MAX WITH EFFIE: 90s CLASSIC STYLE two hour special local production premieres on MAX Saturday June 6 at 8.00pm Channel 805 only on Foxtel.

Effie’s Classic 90s Hits album is available now.