$60.00 you can buy it from amazon

“Upgrade your PC to the next generation 11AC WiFi”

and what i get from it is with my card is coming from over 1 mile away from my card picks up my local food store that is 1.50 miles to the left of my house there is the TIL wifi shown there on the photo below. i know for one thing it will get better signal when ah-ax models come out. plus had to get a refurbished one from amazon

2014-06-30 00_33_36-Program Manager

“Ultimate range and performance with 802.11 AC”

yes with this new ac card it will help me when im at my grandma’s house with my old card i would have to put it her window.but with this one i hope i don’t have to put it as far and keep it on the table plus i take my whole desktop pc with me plus i don’t have a laptop im a heavy load guy lol.

“Adjustable antenna for improved performance”

well i like the new Adjustable antenna  it also helps me tune in to whats out in my area but it tilts to the right about a half turn but it cant turn to the left i have it near my window at home i get the best signal but i have not tried it out as a hotspot my guess would good for 1000 ft out side my house.

“Beamforming + for a stronger, faster, more reliable WiFi connection”

i like the Beamforming it helps the signal bounce off trees and other buildings better and if its a cloud free day sometimes you would get some wifi access points that you would have never seen before

“Easy NETGEAR Genie set up”

two clicks your done


“Supports Windows Vista, XP, 7, and 8′


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