boxee box

It Is a media box it plays video files  mp3 files photos and you can stream the files off the network. one thing It Is way better than my Nintendo Wii ‘s web browser. so I like like a lot of the apps. the ones I like are tune in radio ,youtube,spotify,rocky fi.etc


I like the boxee box because it can take much longer vids than my Wii. and the boxee box has more fun stuff in it than the Wii cant uses flash, and i love it because it is portable box so if i have to leave home i can bring it it with me on a trip.

I also love that i can use spotify on it. and i love that you can airplay your files from your ipod to the boxee box. and i love the same thing with youtube i like it  because it can pull videos from your PC,mac,iPod,etc from over the WiFi or LAN.

I love that i can listen to Australian radio for free . they have some good stuff on there radio than in the USA.and how i do that is by downloading the tune in radio app on the boxee box. and it is a free app on the boxee box.

And the final app is rocky fi app.i love this app because it shows you music videos.and it beams it right to your boxee box.and it is cool little app to play with. and it a free app to play some good random music videos.

The menu screen is the easiest to the links buttons so you can get to your files,faves page,apps page,etc on  the menu screen. that’s why it is so easy to use i love it its so easy a cave man can do it lol.

And lastly the friends feed. So this where you can share your vids,mp3s,spotfiy,etc,it is almost like sharing on Facebook,twitter,Google+, is the best place to look if you want to see what your friends are watching.

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Jacob Jones