MegaBias hail from old Melbourne town, funk capital of the world. They've released a single (Badath) and a 5 track EP (2k2ep) in their 18 months together with a full-length album on the workbench for 2003. The Bias'd: Vocals and noise: Kylie Auldist (MCKA) One of Australia's premier funk personalities. Fitzroy funk legend. She's sung in bands including Polyester, Curtis Late and Heavy Earth. She's sung with Renee Geyer, Jimmy Barnes and Hamish. She is beautiful. Dylan Lewis (Dirk Vile) Known as 'Dirk Vile' when being rock. Rapper, singer, turntablist, noise maker. Looks like the guy from The Brown Hornet. Looks like the guy from Celebrity Big Brother, Recovery, the Slot, and Pepsi Live. Jaden 'Jusjuanamany' Jones Australia's fastest rapper. A Hyper-rapper. Sampler man, and noisemaker too. Vegan, life-loving, odd bearded mutha funka. This man will get you moving. Rhythm section: Dr Ugg. Australia's rockest drummer. Lives the life of a rock god. Is a rock god. He also drums for Melbourne funk revolutionaries, The Brown Hornet. He lives for the beat. Ugg = beats. And he can sing too!!! Fergus Fingers Thunder Thumbs Lloyd. Bass. Ferg owns slap. Ferg also rocks with the notorious The Brown Hornet. Is Ferg….is the man 'o' funk. The wise man of funk. Ferg. Ferg. We love Ferg.album cover

MegaBias 2k2ep