to begin with this was a kick starter i got back in august 2014

they are $45.00 USD from plxdevices

what i like about it is

it is a small device that charges apple and android 95% better that conventional chargers

for one thing i can say it clicks when you plug it into a USB port or like whats in my photo

plugging it into my battery pack to test it out it works like a charm and it fixed my iPad

mini’s battery problem

and you can check you in and out  voltage and wattage. and you can see how meany maph

milli amps per hour or check what is going though the charger at the time

nothing really too say anything bad about it

but if you need something with some Data Protection this device will protect your

iPad,Android from any bad guys from snooping your data

@jazbot32669 on twitter

cheers Jacob Jones