Knightsbridge Pizzeria devours an Epson Mono EcoTank solution
For quality, cost of use, reliability and efficiency

SYDNEY, 1 May 2019 – Knightsbridge Pizzeria is a busy local business based in Castle Hill, Sydney. As with many small businesses, especially restaurants, the local custom is often as much work as the admin. With this in mind the company recently went out to find a new printing solution and came back with an Epson Mono ET-M1120 EcoTank printer.

Knightsbridge Pizzeria’s Jake Anka explained his decision to use an Epson Mono EcoTank printer, “I print documents on a regular basis, whether it be end of day, end of month or quarter reports, stock order forms and other business-related material. I have used Epson products before, and was satisfied with the quality of product so a Mono EcoTank with all its cost savings was a no brainer.”

The EcoTank Mono range consists of two models, the ET-M1100 and ET-M1120, both of which come with some eye-watering cost saving stats and boast the latest in Epson inkjet printhead technology which enables them to print 6,000 pages in black at less than half a cent per page.

Anka continued, “I chose the ET-1120 because for me, there’s nothing worse than having to run over to a shop every two months to buy toner – which I still don’t know the exact product code of. The Mono EcoTank printer was convenient in the sense that the ink lasts for a much longer period of time before it needs refilling

Knightsbridge Pizzeria’s Jake Anka using his Epson Mono EcoTank printer

As with all EcoTank printers the ET-M1120 comes with two years’ worth of ink included in the box, a point very much welcomed by Anka.

He added, “The main selling point for me was definitely the ink longevity and the ease and low cost of use. I also really liked how compact the printer is, so it fits very neatly on my shelves, and seamlessly blends in with my office décor. The cost efficiencies are amazing though as the printer comes with 5,000 pages worth of ink included in the box and replacement ink bottles cost just $24.99 and that gives you another 6,000 pages of printed A4 documents.”

Knightsbridge Pizzeria’s mono EcoTank printer is used mainly in the restaurant’s home office taking care of all the business’ printing needs.

Anka explained, “As I mentioned it’s used in a very frequent capacity and I rely heavily on having a state-of-the-art printer. It’s also a very efficient printer. From set-up to day-to-day usage, it’s a great all-rounder. The printer definitely saves me time and money in the sense that pages come out clean and crisp, so no more pages end up in the bin because they’ve been nicked or crumpled, and I don’t have to constantly replace the toner cartridge due to my volume of printing. It’s also good for the environment which I really respect, no more toner cartridges in landfill, along with the packaging it came in.”

Jake Anka is clearly very happy with the printer choice he made as he concluded, “The ET-M1120 Mono EcoTank printer is great and its smart use of ink and ease of use are big plus points. I only print in black and white, so I’m comparing this to other laser printers and can tell you that the quality of the print is just so much better. The Mono EcoTank just makes my life easier in terms of getting my forms and summaries ready for the accountant. No more going back and forth working out what something says due to poor print quality or laser streaking either. I can focus more on the business now that I have a reliable, low cost printing system for the business.”

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Jake Anka and his new Epson Mono EcoTank ET-M1120 printer

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