heydoor™ Announces Launch In Australia Helping People Live Life Without Restrictions

heydoor™ Announces Launch In Australia Helping People Live Life Without Restrictions

Melbourne, Victoria, 5th August 2021 – heydoor™ announces the launch of their new Mobile App and software as a service (SaaS) that supports people living with physical and psychological disabilities to live life without restrictions, with access to their favourite retailers, product and service providers throughout Australia.

Heydoor is the the first app of its kind in Australia created specifically for people who are restricted by physical and mental health ailments.

“I believe that everyone deserves to live life without restrictions and that they should not be held back by their abilities or health issues whether that is physical or psychological. At heydoor, we are passionate about empowering independence and celebrating equality within communities, providing a platform for everyone to get what they want, when they want,” said Mel, Founder and Creator of heydoor™.

In 2015 when Mel got her toy poodle Inca, she instantly became a woman with restrictions finding it difficult to access what she wanted when she wanted, which got her thinking about people with physical disabilities, mental health disorders, the elderly who may rely on others for support, parents with small children and prams, as well as other pet owners.

“Heydoor takes the hassle out of going inside and in just three simple steps, everyone can get what they want, when they want without restrictions” she added.

In the coming days, Heydoor will start rolling out the app and their platform in several markets across Melbourne, Australia with a national expansion plan. Businesses will be invited to trial the platform on a free trial with extensive marketing and publicity opportunities to help them grow their business.

People around the country will soon be access what they want, when they want from their favourite Essential Service providers and favourites businesses including Restaurants, Cafes, Health and Wellness and Supermarkets in the palm of their hand thanks to the heydoor app being readily available on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

Heydoor is driven by their patented (ARMs™) method. Customers simply Ask for what they want on the heydoor app, Reach the providers destination by going their own way which encourages physical activity and exploration of their local community, then Meet the friendly staff at the providers door to collect their order.

Heydoor is set to rival delivery service and click-and-collect apps as some of the key features for businesses using this service include No Commission, a Built-in Customisable Loyalty App, Cashless Transactions, 97% Contact-Free encouraging and promoting social distancing during the Pandemic.

Through partnerships and alliances with Disability Service Providers, Community Support and Essential Service Organisations Heydoor will continue to evolve their application to improve their service and ensure that everyone can enjoy life without restrictions.

heydoor takes the hassle out of going inside. Everything you need is now in arms reach because when you reach your destination, your order will meet you out the door. Heydoor supports local businesses with zero commission taken from orders, promotes inclusivity and accessibility supporting people with physical and mental health restrictions, encouraging a supportive network connected with their community.


the heydoor app is now released and ready for people to download
on Google Play and the Apple App Store.