MEDIA ALERT: Wednesday, August 14 2019

Season 10 Premieres

Tonight at 7.30pm on Lifestyle
Tomorrow at 8.30pm on 10

The wait is over! Our favourite couch critics return to their lounges and our screens to kick off the 10th series of Gogglebox Australia tonight at 7.30pm on Lifestyle, and tomorrow at 8.30pm on 10.

The Goggleboxers get acquainted with 10’s The Bachelor, “Where do they find these people?” – Lee.

See the return of a much-loved Aussie drama Seachange on Channel Nine, “This is bringing me back to my childhood.” – Isabelle.

Have mixed reviews on the talent in Network Seven’s Australia’s Got Talent, “Maybe it’s one of those you have to be there things.” – Jad.

And travel the world with Nat Geo’s Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted, “Why is Gordon Ramsay starting to do travel shows?” – Adam.

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