It’s just easy. Foxtel Play is so easy to use and setup even grandma could do it!  I installed the app on my Xbox One console and have been very surprised at just how easy it is to use and how fast it connects to channels when I select them. I rather like the fact that I can connect and disconnect on a monthly basis should I choose to as well.

The quality of Foxtel Play is impressive, very impressive. For a service that streams through the web I did not expect the quality to be greater than that which I receive through free to air digital, but it is. I’ve had friends come over to watch the footy and wonder where my Foxtel box is. When I tell them I don’t have one and it’s streaming they’re quite surprised.

Foxtel Play is a mirror of most standard Foxtel channels allowing me to watch movies, sports, drama and just about everything that’s on your traditional account.


While cord cutting is becoming more and more popular as people choose to move away from set top boxes and move to a streaming environment, I do miss the fact that I cannot record content through Foxtel Play like I can with the cabled delivery. That said, the portability and freedom of Foxtel Play outweighs the disadvantage of not being able to easily record content.

The navigation of Foxtel’s app on the Xbox One is smooth and precise. It’s simple to click through the channels to see what’s on now and what’s coming up. I really love how it automatically picks up the last channel I was watching and starts to play it. I’ve usually been watching Formula 1 or AFL so it’s great when I can connect and it just goes straight to where I want to be.


If there is something I really wanted from Foxtel Play it would be support for Apple TV. I use my Apple TV to connect to numerous other streaming entertainment providers and it would be fantastic to be able to use it to connect to Foxtel Play as well. Not everyone has a modern games console to stream Foxtel Play through. Thankfully, there’s a range of Bluray players and PVR’s that can stream Foxtel Play also… unfortunately I don’t own one of those models. Foxtel Play is, however, also available on Android, iOS and most tablet devices.

Foxtel’s recently revised pricing means it’s only $25 per month for the basic package plus $25 per month to add an extra package like movies or sport. If you’re a sports fan like me, I know this is going to make a lot of sense for you as well! Having all of the Formula sessions live is indeed a treat.

I highly recommend Foxtel Play and suggest you sign up now to start your two week free trial. If you don’t like it, just disconnect…. but something tell’s me you might be hanging around to enjoy Season 2015/16 of the Hyandai A-League and the V8 Supercars.

Foxtel Play 8.5/10.

Review by Andrew Cunningham