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Media Alert: Tuesday August 12, 2014

Foxtel Movies celebrates Robin Williams

As a tribute to the tragic passing of actor and comedian Robin Williams, Foxtel Movies will be screening a collection of some of his best-loved films during the coming week. Robin Williams’ incredibly successful film and television career has spanned the last four decades producing family favourites, hilarious comedies and touching dramas.

Foxtel Movies highlights starring Robin Williams include:

Tuesday, August 12

5.00pm Aladdin Foxtel Movies Disney
8.30pm What Dreams May Come Foxtel Movies Masterpiece

Thursday, August 14

4.55pm Flubber Foxtel Movies Disney

Friday, August 15

6.45pm RV Foxtel Movies Comedy
8.30pm Patch Adams Foxtel Movies Comedy
10.30pm Man Of The Year Foxtel Movies Comedy

Saturday, August 16

7.30pm Jack Foxtel Movies Family

Sunday, August 17

“Robin Williams Movie Marathon”

9.15am The Big White Foxtel Movies Comedy
11.05am Cadillac Man Foxtel Movies Comedy
12.50pm Man Of The Year Foxtel Movies Comedy
2.50pm Death To Smoochy Foxtel Movies Comedy
4.45pm RV Foxtel Movies Comedy
6.30pm Patch Adams Foxtel Movies Comedy

if you have foxtel check out Great Movies from Robin Williams.