Foxtel iQ3 Software update Number2

Coming July 29.
This is from Foxtel community. 🙂

Will be rolling out soon here all the info.

A new iQ3 software update (version will be pushed to your iQ3 over the next couple of weeks. This is the second major iQ3 software update, following our first update in May. Based on your feedback from the first two weeks after we launched the iQ3, this new update includes:

Improvements to recordings – fewer (or no) instances where:
o Recordings fail due to ‘No Signal’ errors
o Clashes occur when recording shows, especially when using Series Link
o Issues occur when deleting recordings

Accurate results when running the WiFi speed test
o Check out thread about How to run a speed test for more info.

Simpler way to connect to your WiFi
o There’s now a one-push option called WPS to connect to your WiFi
o Available for WPS enabled routers

iQ3 will manage disk space better

o When your iQ3 hard drive fills up, it will automatically delete recordings
o Like the iQ2, make sure you ‘Keep’ recordings you don’t want deleted

Easier way to see what you already watched
o The iQ3 will now indicate previously watched records in a darker font and background
o This will occur when you’ve watch the recording in full (as in right to the very end)
o Available in Library and Episodic view

We’ve eliminated the need for an adapter for HDMI ARC and CEC devices
Your iQ3 is less likely to get stuck in standby.
Overall, you’ll notice improved stability when using your iQ3. We understand this update hasn’t addressed everything you’ve been waiting on and we’re already working on the next iQ3 software update. We’ll further improve the iQ3’s performance, speed and stability, in particular its recording reliability and Bluetooth functionality.

Once more, thank you for your continued feedback in the Community – it helps us continue to deliver you a better experience.

How to get the iQ3 software update?
You don’t need to do anything to get the software update. We will push it out to your iQ3 between 30th July and 14th August, 2015.

How do I know if I have received the update?
To check your current software version, go to:
On your remote select HOME
Select the SETTINGS menu,
Look for SOFTWARE VERSION (version or see Check if you have the latest software.
As with any major software update, please double check any personal settings are still correct.

How do I get the software update now?
First, check that you haven’t already got the latest update by using the above process – How do I know if I have received the update?

Feeling adventurous? Try the manual process of updating the Foxtel iQ3 yourself; alternatively, visit the front page of the Foxtel Community and enter your account number into the box provided in the top right hand side. This process may take up to 24 hours to perform but we aim to have it on your iQ3 sooner than that.

All this info is from Foxtel Forum read it all here