I have been using the Foxtel iQ3 for about a month and so far I love it. Here is my interview with Kim who was asking me all about it.

Kim: What is the TV Guide like?
Brad: TV guide is much easier to read and it looks much cleaner than the old version.

Kim: Has the interface been updated? What do you like about it?
Brad: The interface is easy to use.

Kim: How big is it? Is it bigger or smaller than the one before?
Brad: Box is really nice good size – it about same size of xbox

Kim: Can I record my TV shows and watch something else at the same time?
Brad: Foxtel IQ3 comes with a 1TB inbuilt hard drive so you can record up 3 shows watch 4th one simultaneously.

Kim: How do I connect it?
Brad: Built in Wifi but it does come with ports for your to manually connect it via an ethernet cable if you’d prefer.

Kim: Is there anything you don’t like about it?
Brad: not really i find it bit slow with changing channels and using the menus

Kim: What is hard about the menus?
Brad: With the menu I find it a bit slow but there is an update due soon that will fix these bugs

Kim: How do I order one?
Brad: you can go to foxtel.com.au or call 13199

Kim: How much does it cost?
Brad: Tech for install and box $200/no tech required for install then $150

Kim: How long does it take to be delivered?
Brad: about a week

Kim: Any other cool things about it?
Brad: You can wave your hand over the front lights light up in case you lose your remote

Overall, the IQ3 is a big improvement from it’s predecessor and although it has a few bugs to be fixed, FOXTEL appear to be quickly responding to these in a soon to be released update.

Check out Foxtel iQ3 here