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Forget about nails and screws when…

Vanilla Ice Goes Amish Premieres on LIFESTYLE HOME

Vanilla Ice is back on LifeStyle HOME exploring the simple culture of hand craftsmanship when Vanilla Ice goes Amish premieres Saturday, November 22 at 7.30pm only on LifeStyle HOME.

After making a name for himself in the spotlight – iconic rapper turned home improvement guru Vanilla Ice aka Rob is moving his concentration from trends and technology to old school building techniques that have been isolated from the rest of the world.

Episode one takes us from Florida to Holmes County, Ohio also known as Amish Country – to learn age old building techniques as well as bring some cutting edge design to the Amish community. Not only will Vanilla be learning the ways of the Amish when it comes to building – he will also be living like the Amish do – without electricity, gas, cars and modern day technology.

Despite hitting the big time with his first hit “Ice, Ice Baby”, Rob began purchasing property in his late teens, starting his very own remodelling project on his 15, 000 square-foot mansion on Star Island in Miami Beach. His love for flipping his own houses then turned into an interest in helping others.

Join Rob on his hilarious and fascinating journey through Amish country, introducing the Amish to technology they have never seen before, while he learns about their culture.

Don’t miss Vanilla Ice embracing the simple life when Vanilla Ice Goes Amish premieres Thursday, November 22 at 7.30pm on LifeStyle HOME.