Disney Animation Studio has a new flick coming out December 26, 2012 in Australia ( November 2 stateside ) called “Wreck it Ralph” about the bad guy from a video game that no longer wants to be the bad guy.

Well to help sell the story, Disney has released ‘Fix-it Felix Jr.’ an iPad app that creates a game worthy of the 8-bit joy that was my childhood. And to REALLY help sell the idea, the Game Works next to PAX in Seattle actually had a full size arcade version running in a beat up console that looked like it was transported direct from an arcade in the 80s.

The game is a fun romp up a building as you play the part of Felix Jr. the repairman that must magically repair the broken windows caused by Ralph with a hammer. Wait, wot? Hey a lot of things in the 80s didn’t make sense, as long as it was fun. I mean what WAS Mr. Do?

The object is to get all the windows fixed on that level in order to advance to the next. Once you fix them all you start to climb the building, but watch out you’ll have ‘Duck Hunt’ inspired birds flying across, people’s shutters and gutters blocking your way and of course Ralph throwing boxes the whole time. It’s not all bad news, some nice residents put out pie and if you are able to scoot over and grab it you’ll get an extra life as well as a few seconds of invulnerability in case you cut it close.

While the game play is basic, you really long for a joystick while playing ‘Fix-it Felix Jr.’ It’s relatively difficult to play a game that’s based on timing, quick responses, and dodging obstacles without physical controls.

The shelf life on my iPad won’t be long as it has low replay value. Once you get through the 10 levels the cycle starts over. I think they did a great job in creating a fun little game that worth the time, unlike other purely marketing with no real games that I have experienced with movie/TV promotions I’ve experienced before.

The movie looks fun and has me excited about seeing a video game movie, though to be fair it’s a video game made for the movie that’s about the video game, so we’ve entered this weird nexus of fictional reality which is always fun. In fact the girl running the promotion at PAX insisted it was a real game in the 80s.

And who knows maybe I’ll fall in love with the characters so much that I’ll want to keep the game on the iPad to sneak a quick visit every now and then.

If you are looking for a game with that retro feel, pick up ‘Fix-it Felix Jr.’ in the App Store for FREE!

Bily Foster – That iPad Guy