Subatomic Studios is back with a 2nd edition to their great tower defense game Fieldrunners. And in Fieldrunners 2 you have your work cut out for you!

Fieldrunners 2 is a huge, dare I say, quantum leap forward in game play and challenges. No longer just an empty field now the invaders have ditches, roads and even new soldiers on their side!

Sure the same basic game play is there, but there is so much more of a challenge with these environmental obstacles. With roads that wind and twist around the available land for you to place your defenses.  You start with a modest budget to start defending your land and as you kill more and more of the attackers you get cash to buy more or upgraded your existing towers.

Be warned the enemy even has a new healer to help raise the challenge of surviving the onslaught of attackers. You’ll want to knock him out before he heals the rest of his comrades and really puts a the squeeze on your defenses.

But never fear, you too have some newly arrived weapons to help you in the effort of keeping your citizens safe. New towers with bombs, lasers and even some one time use items like the flu or land mines are now available for you to use as you lay out the gauntlet of death for your challenger to take on. And if things get REALLY bad and you’ve built up enough power ups you can call in an Air Raid to wipe the game board clean of enemies.

If you liked the first version of Fieldrunners you are going to love Fieldrunners 2, it really is light years beyond the first. The graphics are improved, the game play has improved, the level ups have improved. Heck even the fact that there is a game map with different regions is a huge leap forward.

Just as addicting as the first, I’ve already spent a good 3 or 4 hours with the game for the last week and each night I try and sneak a round in before bed.

Fieldrunners 2 is currently only out on iOS but hopefully it will make it over to Android soon.
Bily Foster – That iPad Guy