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My review of the Peter the family Guy app from Fox entertainment and so far now it’s on iOS works great on the iPad the iPod touch my big hands don’t hit the right function right for me on my iPod touch fifth-generation basically again here Peter gets in a fight with the chicken I guess it’s the chicken Pres. again and all your characters on it basically so whenever you get on there the free app so basically be careful if it will ask for all of your money it will take hours and hours and hours even though I had it for a few days so all your characters from Meg and quagmire and all the other well-known characters that were in the show that was in the family Guy episodes.

So basically the plot is you have to rebuild warthog from the ground up because when Peter in the roaster chicken guy got into it they destroyed quahog so you’re going to have to rebuild the whole entire city so people you’re probably going to have to find people on the houses that you start off with Peter and Chris and as the game goes on you have to unveil all the characters so basically all the people on there are going to you be found as it might be hidden in other buildings that have been demolished

what i like about the game so far it’s so easy and all the comical references to the show there is some cussing in it but it’s censored and also this game uses like a thought but bubble my method and so funny it’s actually show you how all long it takes the characters you get done with that action basically you could have Peter go around the town doing the roundhouse kick going around the city yelling roundhouse and quagmire running around doing panty raids running around yelling giggity giggity

But on the not so good side most of  the apps are free apps that have you to pay to get some power ups

Cheers jacob