Epson projectors power IMAGINARIA
Unique design-driven experience

SYDNEY, 30 November 2021 – When Nick Ennis’ previous life as a fashion designer came to an end, he took some time off to spend it with his partner and four young children. During that time, they explored as many family activities as possible but were struck by the lack of design-driven experiences that spoke to both adult and child in the same breath. When thinking about his next project, they knew he wanted it to be highly creative and experiential as we could see a shift in consumerism as it moved further towards people wanting rich and memorable experiences. The idea they came up with was Imaginaria and to power it he turned to Epson and their unique projectors.

Ennis explained, “We pulled out a black piece of paper and asked the question, what is the ideal experience for a family like ours? What does it need to be to be fun and entertaining for adults as much as the kids? That’s how the idea for Imaginaria started. I’ve always admired Epson from product though to branding and I knew there could be a synergy with what we were developing.”

Ennis reached out to Epson Australia who instantly embraced the idea.

Light Vines

Ennis continued, “The relationship with Epson Australia helped us get the project off the ground and beyond that we had a symbol of endorsement from a trusted brand and that meant more than anything to us. Not only did Epson provide amazing projectors but they went beyond that and supplied incredible technical advice to scope out each installation with very precise specifications, diagrams and product recommendations. To be very honest, we’ve never seen support and technical expertise like it.”

In total for Imaginaria Ennis and his team use multiple Epson EB-L1505UHNL and Epson EB-L630U projectors with Epson ELPLU03S Short Throw Lenses.

The Fountain

Ennis said, “Epson’s projectors have enabled us to create experiences including Light Vines, which is two projectors projected into one thousand strands. For The Fountain we’ve created a digital wishing well where visitors whisper their wishes into the fountain. Their wishes then pan around the room and the Epson projector creates an ethereal light beam and projection inside the well. Then there’s the Anti-Gravity immersive theatre room and Air Bubble where we literally project inside a giant bubble.”


For Nick Ennis and the Imaginaria team they clearly love their art and their incredible installation and they clearly see the Epson projectors as a key part of its success. He concluded, “We love our Epson laser projectors because of their brightness and resilience. We’re running them for eight hours a day, seven
days a week and they never falter. They are truly amazing.”

Imaginaria is touring Australia and currently on display as part of the Brisbane Festival. For more information go to:

For more on Epson’s EB-L1505UHNL projectors go to:

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Epson projectors in use as part of Imaginaria