Epson NZ builds a solid distribution channel and substantial network of copier dealer partners for business printer range

AUCKLAND, 8 February 2022 – Since their recent launch of business printer solutions, Epson NZ has built a solid distribution channel and network of copier dealer partners for the new category. Of particular note is the signing of distribution agreements with major distributors including Sektor and Ingram Micro, in addition to a number of dealers and resellers across the key regions of Auckland, Hamilto

Epson WorkForce Pro WF-C579R

Epson NZ General Manager, Kaden McCaffery, said, “The interest in and demand for Epson’s Heat-Free business printers has been significant, allowing us to rapidly establish a network of active copier dealers across both the North and South Island of New Zealand.”

McCaffery sees real customer value in this new network of copier dealers and has sought to widen Epson New Zealand’s potential partner and customer base by adding two distributors noting “As a specialised distributor, Sektor works with a range of non-traditional print partners and operates with resellers in specialist areas such as the medical industry which complements our clean hand–clean air print technology. Sektor has seen significant growth and expansion across its New Zealand operations as a result of its strong customer partnerships in specialised verticals. As the largest wholesale provider of technology products and supply chain management services within New Zealand, as well as internationally, Ingram Micro is expanding through the acquisition of new employees, a head office and warehouse in Auckland, a sales office in Wellington along with a sales office and satellite warehouse in Christchurch which has in turn resulted in faster delivery to South Island customers. Although these are only two of many examples of how our new copier dealer and distribution network will add significant value to our customers across New Zealand.”

Andre van Duiven- Managing Director of Sektor, said, “Epson is one of our most prominent vendors and the dominant force in the retail receipt printing landscape. Epson has retained its market-leading position due to the quality of its technology and hardware reliability. We are excited to now extend our engagement with Epson to include their full range of printing technology. Epson’s innovation in sustainability and technological advancement means their product ticks many boxes around environmental impact, energy savings and support. Their Document Solutions inkjet printers are a disruptor in the market that provides a better quality of print and removes the complexity of print with minimal ongoing maintenance requirements.”

Andre van Duiven, Managing Director of Sektor, holding an Epson award

Ingram Micro NZ Managing Director, Jason Langley, added, “We’re thrilled to be invited to take Epson’s exciting new range of business printers to market in New Zealand. The fact that they’re heat-free and consume less energy is a differentiator that will not only resonate with the market but is also well-aligned with one of Ingram Micro NZ’s key guiding principles; reducing our overall carbon footprint and the impact our business has on the environment. Epson has been a leader in print and an important partner for Ingram Micro for many years. It’s a privilege, therefore, to deepen our relationship with this new, energy-conscious, aspect of its portfolio and to facilitate new conversations for our shared partners to have with the customers they serve.”

son Langley – Managing Director of Ingram, holding an Epson award

The sales and growth combined with the fact that Epson’s business printers use Heat-Free Technology and thus use less energy, is no coincidence as the company was recently voted the No.1 Sustainable company by Forbes Japan.

The recent Better Futures 2021 report, compiled and issued by Colmar Brunton after 12 years of studying New Zealanders and their purchasing decisions, also found that many NZ businesses have responded with sustainable initiatives and a greater sense of purpose in recent years. It also highlighted that New Zealanders know that brands with strong brand purpose, such as sustainability, grow their brand value at a much faster rate of around 175%.

The report further states that, despite the significant challenges of the last two years, New Zealanders’ commitment to living more sustainably continues to build with over 60% of people (in most cases) trying to do the right thing by recycling, reusing, reducing and repairing on an everyday basis.

Epson also recently earned its second successive platinum rating for sustainability from EcoVadis. The platinum rating, which was established in 2020, indicates that Epson was ranked among the top 1% of companies in the industry. The platinum rating was awarded in recognition of Epson’s global sustainability initiatives. In the four themes assessed by EcoVadis, Epson received high scores for the environment, sustainable procurement, labour and human rights and ethics.

Kaden McCaffery concluded, “It’s clear that New Zealand businesses want to have a positive effect on the environment and one of the ways this can be achieved is through the use of Epson’s Heat-Free inkjet business printers which use a substantially lower level of energy than a comparable laser printer. Looking beyond product/material innovation, businesses like Epson can also make a difference through the promotion and demonstration of climate responsibility. In that regard we are transitioning to 100% renewable electricity and are engaging with initiatives such as the RE100 renewable energy project; working to close the resource loop by, for example, promoting product refurbishment and reuse.”

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