Epson announces new ultra-connected compact point-of-sale printer
New TM-H6000V offers improved reliability, useful connectivity features and a low total cost of ownership

SYDNEY, 8 May 2019 – Epson Australia has announced the launch of a new compact point-of-sale printer capable of receipt printing, slip printing and cheque
processing in one unit, and offering improved reliability, useful connectivity features and a very low total cost of ownership. Amongst other retailers, the TM-H6000V is aimed at shops and businesses that require cheque-processing facilities at point of sale, and want to print receipts with the same unit.

The TM-H6000V prints at speeds up to 350mm/s¹, offers faster cheque processing than its predecessor, has a faster auto-cutter, and offers a selection of other improvements that help businesses boost overall efficiency. It also helps minimise downtime with improved reliability.

The thermal printer is now effective for 200 km of receipts, while its auto-cutter is capable of three million cuts.

The printer is flexible enough to adapt to the demands of a modern retail environment, with new features including Server Direct Print (SDP) to permit web-based printing, as well as multiple interfaces for tablet and PC coexistence. ePOS-Print, ePOS-display and NFC tagging allow simple and quick tablet POS set-up, for businesses moving into tablet-based POS.

Designed with significant business critical improvements, the TM-H6000V multifunction hybrid printer supports advanced functionality to ‘future proof’ the product for many years to come.

In short the TM-H6000V helps businesses maximise the efficiency of their in-store printing so they’re constantly ready for the ever-changing world of retail.

TM-H6000V Key Features

Connect to multiple devices ― printer can be dynamically shared by legacy POS terminals, tablets and mobile devices, as well as cloud servers
Triple-interface connectivity to future-proof growing businesses ― maximum flexibility with three options, including built-in USB and Ethernet2
Less down time ― remote monitoring of the printer’s status and part life expectancy3
Fewer service calls ― intuitive control panel with visual error notifications
Designed for the cloud ― supports printing from Web-based applications utilising Epson’s ePOS™ print technology; plus, utilise Server Direct Printing for online ordering support
Distributed proximity-based printing ― through Epson’s Beacon support using BLE (Bluetooth® Low Energy)4; and, through NFC (Near Field Communication) technology for easy pairing with mobile devices5
Advanced paper-saving functions for thermal receipts ― top-margin and character height reduction features help reduce paper usage by up to 47%6
Reliability ― printhead reliability of 200 km and extended auto cutter life of 3 million cuts7
Fast transaction times ― print speeds up to 350 mm/sec1, plus a high-speed auto cutter
Fast check processing ― high MICR reader accuracy

1. Maximum print speed may not be achieved depending on the paper utilised, type of interface, data transmission conditions and combination of commands.
2. Built-in USB and Ethernet interfaces, with additional options of serial, parallel, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi interfaces
3. Requires customisation with third-party applications.
4. Requires the use of a beacon dongle connected to TM-H6000V printer via the USB-A port. Supports only Apple® iBeacon™ compliant format. The Epson-approved dongle is Laird model BT820.
5. NFC tag requires use of a device that includes an NFC reader, and may require additional software
6. Paper savings depend on the text and graphics printed on the receipt.
7. Rated printhead and cutter lives based on use of the following media only, with printer operated at room temperature and normal humidity:
Model KT55FA: Papierfabrik August Koehler SE
Model PD160R: Oji Imaging Media Co., Ltd.
Model TF50KS-Y: NIPPON Paper Industries Co., Ltd.

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The new Epson TM-H6000V

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