This is from Cody letting all know on whats going on..

Hello Fans,

You at times might experience a slow connection to the website more-so if you are in AU. AU generally is slow and connecting from AU to the US does take time. Sometimes nodes in between could be slow to cause this issue. Keep in mind some services on this website are loaded from 3rd-party websites like youtube, twitter, etc and if these services are also slow or down they may not show-up or load on this website.

We apologize for any down-time or slow-time that may occur, sometimes this is just our of our and the websites control. Rarely do our servers or our data-centers go down, but with anything network-based it does happen from time to time.

Please enjoy this website and once again we hope you have a great experience and hope that any node issues do not cause down-time or slow-time.

Thank you, Cody P. Christian
CPC Studios –