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Press Release September 21 2015. launches to help audiences make TV viewing decisions easy.

Kevin Perry ( & Steve Molk ( have joined forces to deliver a brand new media commentary presence focusing on the Australian TV landscape.

From free-to-air to subscription to SVOD, Australians have never had more choices when they turn on their TVs. Or tablets. Or phones.

Kevin & Steve have combined to bring years of media experience to that will present all the available information for audiences to be able to make easy decisions about what they watch (& when they watch it).

Together with a very talented writing team, offers news, opinion, interviews, reviews, recaps, ratings, a TV guide, podcasts and more that will engage readers at all levels – from those with a passing interest in TV to passionate fans.

With the launch of the new website, & will cease publishing new content. Both Steve and Kevin would like to thank everyone that has supported our previous sites and we hope you will love joining us on this new publishing adventure.

For more information, please contact Kevin or Steve…

Kevin Perry

Twitter – @kevinperry

Steve Molk

Twitter – @MolksTVTalk