SYDNEY, 30 April 2024 – In a world of booming energy prices where consumers and businesses are trying to reduce costs and where secure data protection has become critical, CyberPower has launched its range of Smart App Sinewave Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems in Australia. These unique devices adopt CyberPower’s patented GreenPower UPS™ technology to protect devices, enhance operating efficiency, reduce heat generation, consume less power and save more energy costs than conventional UPS models. They also recently won The 2023 Channel Company’s Products of the Year Awards in the power protection & management category.


CyberPower Systems Oceania GM ANZ Robert Hartvigsen said, “CyberPower Professional Rackmount Smart App UPS Systems have been specifically designed with functionality that meets key market demands in terms of reducing power usage and increasing protection and efficiency. They are convenient, comfortable and safe to use. They also enjoy excellent engineering technology leading to outstanding product performance. In short, they protect your devices, reduce heat generation and unnecessary energy consumption, ensuring efficient system operation and effectively lower electricity bills.”


CyberPower Professional Rackmount Smart App UPS Systems have also been designed with environmental considerations in compliance with environmental regulations so they can provide stable power to equipment, help users quickly grasp a unit’s battery status and enable easy and convenient viewing and monitoring of any system.

Hartvigsen continued, “These UPS Systems provide complete power protection to safeguard all computers and servers. They do this by utilising comprehensive features, including Energy Saving Technology, Pure Sine Wave Output and Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR). They also have LCD status displays, hot-swappable batteries and clever battery management technology. All of these lead to a safe operating environment and considerable peace of mind for computer, server and data users.”


Whilst the CyberPower UPS are very popular in SMB, Corporate, Education and Government departments, they are also used by any organisation where going offline can be catastrophic and where reducing costs is particularly important.

Using CyberPower UPS means there is no downtime if there is a power failure or power surge and this in turn further protects and secures data.

Hartvigsen said, “It’s common knowledge that a complete shutdown can cost a business many thousands of dollars so using an efficient UPS can be invaluable. In the event of an emergency they can also provide additional runtime if there is a power outage and indeed many hours of runtime can be provided by adding extended battery modules. This, in turn, increases the lifespan of a company’s most valuable devices and equipment – namely their computers, servers and data.”

As well as consuming less power, saving energy, reducing costs, providing consistent and reliable power and protection for connected equipment and devices the CyberPower UPS have many other valuable features.

They employ Quick Charging Technology and stop charging automatically to prevent overcharging, thus extending battery life. They also enable users to turn off the LED, LCD, and alarms, have a low operating noise and all come with a multi-function, rotatable and tiltable LCD panel that can meet many different installation requirements and ensure proper viewing orientation for users to monitor the system.

CyberPower launched their Professional Rackmount – Smart App UPS Systems in Australia to give their customers a significant range of benefits that they believe no other UPS systems can provide.

Robert Hartvigsen concluded, “Our Professional Rackmount – Smart App UPS Systems come in the form of a pure Sinewave solution with power factor of 1. They have individually rechargeable battery modules for fast recharge after grid power failure and a very low failure rate at <.04% combined with a $100,000 Connected Equipment Guarantee. They won the Products of the Year Awards in the power protection and management category for many good reasons and to top it all off they all come with a 3 Years Advanced Replacement Warranty plus the option to upgrade up to 5 years on-site warranty.”

CyberPower’s award-winning Professional Rackmount Smart App UPS Systems are available to purchase now via authorised CyberPower partners and resellers across Australia.

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CyberPower’s award-winning Professional Rackmount Smart App UPS Systems.


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