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Media Release: Monday, November 17, 2014

TV production course for young people in crisis helps create inspirational short films

Foxtel today announced that Street TV, a three month television production course run annually for disadvantaged youth from The Salvation Army’s Oasis Youth Support Network in Surry Hills, has completed filming and editing this year’s series of short films.

Street TV is part of Oasis’ Street Media program and has been run in collaboration with Foxtel for 12 years. A creative outlet for self-expression, the films are inspired by the personal experiences of the program’s six participants, but the course has been designed to build confidence, restore choice and, more specifically, develop new skills in TV and film; an opportunity for personal development and growth in an exciting and creative space.

With unemployment rates at a staggering 14% for young people aged 15-24 (more than double the national average) and the complex relationship that exists between unemployment and homelessness, programs like this are taking a positive step toward breaking patterns of marginalisation and social exclusion.

Street TV participants learned every element of television production from writing, sound editing, video and scripting to location planning, direction and post production. Foxtel staff guide and mentor the young people through every aspect of the design and development process, culminating in three short films that will premiere on 17 November during a gala event at Foxtel.

Bruce Meagher, Foxtel’s Group Director of Corporate Affairs, said, “The students who participated in this year’s Street TV program demonstrated immense talent coupled with amazing resisliance, courage and strength during the three month experience. They’ve put in a lot of hard work and the results speak for themselves; we’re thrilled to share their final works during our special screening event.”

Major Keith Hampton, Oasis Director admitted that, “Street TV is one of our most successful programs within Street Media and it is in the spirit of collaboration and creativity that some incredible films have been created and shared over the years”. He went onto mention that many young people had found a passion for film as a result of having participated in the program and have gone onto TAFE to continue study.

Street TV is part of Foxtel’s commitment to the community, which, since 2002, has supported youth, including long-term unemployed and those living on the streets. The program represents a longstanding partnership between Foxtel and Oasis and provides a supportive environment for young people to work alongside Foxtel employees to learn the art of film making.

By the end of this year’s program, Foxtel employees will have volunteered around 2000 hours helping the students create their films.