I like music. We all do. However, I think there’s a perception among the young that music is only for streaming in todays age. Radio is fantastic and it offers the opportunity to hear new music and listen to things you never would have had you not simply heard it as it came through the airwaves.

Today I’m reviewing the The Bush Digital & Internet Radio with Colour Display BR320DABC, and I have to say, it’s not something I would probably usually review. While I’m not exactly an audiophile, I do like my music, and i know good sound from bad. I have a Harmon/Kardon amp at home and and cannot listen to good music through bad hardware. This unit from Bush well and truly surpassed my expectations, but more on that in a moment.

When I unbox products I always go through a similar set of stages. Excited as it arrives, excited to unbox and take  a look at it… and then cautious and curious as I plug the power in. Having been a Project Manager for some 20 years, I know a bit about how to guide new users through a first time experience. And the experience that the Bush Digital Internet Radio offers is not too dissimilar to one that I would have implemented had it been my product.

Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 9.04.31 pm

After switching it on, it asks whether I’d like to run through the setup wizard, not being someone to do it that hard way, of course I’ll run the wizard! I set time, date and timezone. Then search for my wifi and simply enter the security key. I’m done, easy. It was a breeze to get running and connect up our wifi. I wish I could say that about every product that comes past my desk!

The sound quality of the The Bush Digital & Internet Radio with Colour Display BR320DABC is surprisingly very good. With numerous features on the user side, I didn’t expect a lot from the sound quality. You can usually have one or the other, the Bush Digital Radio offers both. It has a very solid base, a substantial sound to hit the notes down low. This radio would have no problems hitting up a few Tom Jones tracks if that’s your flavour! For an internet radio that will likely sit on your breakfast bench it’s more than good enough and took me somewhat by surprise, which I don’t mind admitting. The sound felt full and wholesome if they’re words you could use. Maybe an audiophile would have a better vocabulary in their arsenal, however I am reviewing this product for those among us who are looking for a radio that works well, offers a range of features and sounds solid.

Being able to connect the The Bush Digital Radio to the many thousands of internet radio stations was a massive plus. It was fantastic! I know that other units can do this also, however I was impressed with the large display and the detail therein. Seeing what’s playing now and next up was great. If you love the Beatles, why not listen to them… all of the time! Triple M in Melbourne were even using the display to send listeners to their website and promote competitions.

Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 9.05.36 pm

As a Spotify Premium member, connecting my account was fairly straight forward. I had to go to my phone and select to send the audio to my Radio output device, but after that was able to connect to Spotify. I then turned my phone wifi off and the audio was still working fine… so the tracks were then running through the Bush Digital Radio directly and not using my handset internet connection after the initial connection was complete.

I noticed that i could go backward and forward between tracks using my phone, but could not do a search on Spotify using the Radio. I needed to use my phone to do that. I could forward through tracks on the album I was on, but could not go to find another album or do a search without using my phone. When connected to my phone, I could use the volume on my handset to increase volume on the radio itself which was really good as well. Your phone is basically becomes a remote control for the Radio when connected to Spotify.

Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 9.05.15 pm

I enjoyed reviewing the The Bush Digital & Internet Radio with Colour Display BR320DABC and have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone looking for a Digital Radio to sit on their breakfast bar, or even connect up to Spotify to crank out some tunes. Be sure to check it out and let them know that Andrew from sent you!

8 out of 10.

Andrew Cunningham.

**Review completed for Bush Australia Pty Ltd. Device was sent back after review.**