Media Release: Monday June 3, 2019

Buckle Up for a Trucking Good Month streaming on Foxtel
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Fuel your passion for heavy haulage with a huge month of all things TRUCKS streaming throughout June On Demand. Foxtel’s A&E channel is offering a truckload of shows to stream including everyone’s all-time-mega-favourites Mega Truckers and Ice Road Truckers alongside a massive collection of new and returning hit-series Outback Truckers, Highway Thru Hell, Heavy Rescue: 401 and more.

Stream your daily dose of diesel On Demand on Foxtel or Foxtel Now and choose from over 40 hours of new episodes and specials from A&E’s June premieres:

Outback Truckers, season 5 – Epic roads, monster loads and more dirt madness, Outback Truckers is back for another classic season. Australia is a land of extremes and the Outback Truckers face those extremes on every job they do. Tropical storms can turn a dry dirt road into a massive bog in hours. Get stuck and it can take weeks to get out. Desert heat can cook a man and his engine in minutes. Make a wrong move and you can end up dead. Streaming from Wednesday June 12.

Heavy Rescue: 401, season 3 – The men and women who fight to keep North America’s busiest highway rolling are hitting the road for a new winter and face new battles in this latest series. Streaming from Monday June 3.

Highway Thru Hell, season 7 – From massive mudslides, to white-out snowstorms, monsoon rains to dangerous rockslides, the heavy rescue teams will be tested by brutal, relentless conditions and by some of the most spectacular wrecks. Streaming from Monday June 3.

Truck Night In America, season 2 – It’s a new season of monster competition as both drivers and machines face a dangerous and demanding test of ingenuity and skills. This challenge features a diverse line up of vehicles, including a 1986 Suzuki Samurai and a 2008 Lexus, along with special guest appearances from NASCAR Champions Kyle, Kurt Busch, and others. Streaming from Saturday June 1.

American Restoration: Truck Edition, one hour special – With a tight budget and just 30 days to restore a 1956 Ford pick-up the pick-up, Rick Dale and his team work around-the-clock overcoming one challenge after another to bring this American classic back to life. Streaming from Wednesday June 12.

Trucks Transformed: Custom Culture, 30 minute special – This special features far-out custom trucks like rally racer Ken Block’s snow-conquering RaptorTrax and drifting champion Vaughn Gitten Jr.’s “ultimate fun-haver.” Plus, there’s a guide to how customisation has come to the masses on budgets from small to huge. Streaming from Wednesday June 12.

Born Tough: Inside The Ford Factory, one hour special – This special event lifts the veil on the operations at The Ford River Rouge Complex, where Ford’s F-Series pickups – the best-selling vehicle in American for over 40 years – come to life. Streaming from Wednesday June 19.

Truck Hunters, one hour special – Two top truck builders compete for a sale as they find, restore, and put their personal stamp on two classic trucks. Each shop must design with the buyer in mind and, with limited direction, blend their craftsmanship and style with personalised details that will gain the buyer’s favour. Streaming from Wednesday June 19.

Truck Wars, two hour special – In this special event, automotive experts, designers and historians weigh in on the most influential innovations in the truck world over the past 120 years to make pickup trucks essential to the American way of life. Streaming from Wednesday June 26.

If that’s not enough mileage for you, then re-live the adrenalin-pumping moments from your favourite episodes of A&E’s most loved series available to stream now On Demand:

Jet Truck, season 1 – Follow the Darnell family and their crew as they travel across the country to thrill hundreds of thousands with their 36,000 horsepower, 376 mile per hour jet-propelled truck – while trying not to kill each other.

Ice Road Truckers, season 11 – For two months out of every year, a group of exceptional men find their way to the Canadian tundra to undertake one of the most dangerous jobs on earth. In the thick of winter, truckers in giant eighteen wheelers carry vital equipment and supplies to miners hundreds of miles away. In blizzard conditions, these truckers travel over ice roads that often take them over frozen lakes. Each man is trained in self-survival, from fixing his truck in subzero conditions in seconds to escaping from a truck if the ice cracks. On the other end of the journey are miners whose lives depend on the truckers making it to their base, year after year.

MegaTruckers, season 1 – Big trucks, big loads, big country, big money. Mega trucker Jon Kelly loves a challenge. His pristine $50 million fleet hauls huge loads across the treacherous Australian terrain to the most difficult-to-reach places on Earth.

Vegas Rat Rods, seasons 3 & 4 – Located on the outskirts of Las Vegas, Steve Darnell and his band of oddballs and misfits create one-of-a-kind rat rods. With the demands of their quirky customers, the team at Welder Up strips and rebuilds vehicles from hidden treasure.

All these shows are available to stream for Foxtel Entertainment Plus and Platinum subscribers in HD with all titles available On Demand via internet connected iQ3 and iQ4 boxes, on devices with Foxtel Go, and via Foxtel Now. The iQ4 is Foxtel’s most advanced streaming set top box, designed with smarter features to make finding and streaming your Foxtel favourites easier than ever, while also delivering Foxtel’s dedicated 4K channel to subscribers with a compatible 4K TV.

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