You couldn’t imagine something so small and sleek packs such a solid punch. Before I unboxed the Bose Sounlink Mini II I did not have great expectations. Bose has always been a great brand in audio, offering premium products at a matching price, but I just did not see what I would do with a portable sound system. My opinion quickly changed.

I enjoy a solid base sound like the most of us, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that Bose enjoy a good base as well! It really is all about the base! While not overly heavy the Sounlink II feels weighty, that probably feels sounds like a contradiction, but it isn’t. The Soundlink II is engineered to feel heavy and carry weight in all the places that matter and none more.

I found it really easy to pair the Soundlink II up to my Macbook, however difficult to pair to another device once I was already using the Sounlink II with the Macbook. Bluetooth can always be a little tricky, but I guess once it’s setup and running it just runs which is great. I did have a few issues when trying to use the Sounlink II on devices that were unpowered (not plugged in) which was very frustrating.

Unlike the first Soundlink, the Soundlink Mini II comes equipped with a microphone thus allowing you to pair up to your phone and carry a conversation directly through the device. This is extremely helpful when someone calls you and you’re rocking through the middle of Bohemian Rhapsody Wayne’s World style.

But to be fair, it’s not just the base that’s phenomenal, the audio is of a clear and crisp quality no matter what you’re listening to. It’s a neutral and complete sound that the Bose Soundlink Mini II provides. One that even the most particular audiophiles would not only be satisfied with but impressed.

What takes a short while to get used to is the fact that your Bose Soundlink Mini II talks to you. Literally. There’s not too many buttons on the device, so it tells you “Connected to Andrew’s Macbook Pro” so that you’re sure. This is fun and a good party trick if you still have friends hooking up $10 Logitech speakers to their iPhone.

As you would expect from Bose, the product finishing is second of none and of an extremely high quality. That said, I was disappointed to see that a carry case must be purchased separately. Considering we’re talking about a portable sound device, not having a carry case is both extremely poor and a little bizarre.

The Bose Soundlink Mini II comes baked in with all the features we loved from the first Sounlink Mini portable speaker. Bose have gone and made a great product better, and I highly recommend you pick one up. I wasn’t disappointed, and I very much doubt you will be.

9 out of 10

Review by Andrew Cunningham.