by Andrew Cunningham

“Noise cancelling brilliance for the discerning buyer.”


I always thought headphones were something which came for free and included in the box when you bought a new iPod. Sure I saw them on sale at the local electronics store, but I never really got it. I never understood the difference between a cheap pair of headphones and a quality set.

As I placed the Bose Quiet Comfort 25’s on my head for the first time, and turned them on from the side, it instantly all made sense. Since my days when I thought ‘headphones are included in the box’ I’ve owned a number of pairs of decent cans. Sony, Beats and even JBL. But nothing prepared me for the crisp sound, silencing and sheer quality that the Bose QC 25’s deliver.


These headphones are comfortable. Like, really comfortable. I’ve sat them on my head for a duration of days this month and not once have I found myself scratching or wanting to take them on and off. As much as Bose have nailed the sound quality, they’ve delivered on the experience as well.

When you put them on, the outside world disappears. I had colleagues talking behind me and I literally had no idea they were there until I spun around on my chair during the crescendo of Man in the Mirror. Quite embarrassing, I’m sure you would agree!


Even when listening on very low volume, I didn’t feel that I missed any of the intricacies of the music. None. No subtle beat lost. Likewise, I also tested these cans at the same volume that guy on the train two rows ahead of me listens to his Metallica. No issues at all. These headphones eat up the beat of Stranger in Moscow and punch it out with interest.

You could say these headphones are made for flying. The noise cancellation is phenomenal. They require a single AAA battery and when you turn the switch on the side to green, everything around you just disappears. If only we could silence everyone in life that easily! While the plastics are quality constructed and durable, I’ve also been impressed with the way these headphones fold down. I am not usually a fan of folding headphones as I feel they effect the overall rigid structure and experience. This is not the case with the Bose Quite Comfort 25’s.


It’s versatile that the Bose QC 25’s connect to your iPhone, iPad and Macbook and have a microphone along the cable, however, I was not overly impressed with their performance as a headset. Yes you can make calls, but I found that in an environment where there were people around me, a lot of background noise was being fed through the microphone. If you’re considering using these headphones not only for premium music enjoyment, but also as a headset for Skype or talking on the phone, be sure there won’t be other people too close to you, or yours won’t be the only conversation they pick up.

I’ve been a fan of Bose speakers for some time, and I can assure you that their headphones are just as good. The QC 25’s are not a cheap set of headphones. They’re a quality built, insanely comfortable, set of headphones for the discerning audiophile who demands the best sound quality available. If it’s sound quality you’re looking for, don’t be put off by the price tag. These are just about the best you will find; and worth every cent.

Review 9/10
RRP $399 AUD

A review by Andrew Cunningham @CunningDrew for Brads Blog.

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