Bitglass looks to a scary Halloween

With Halloween and National Cybersecurity Awareness Month looming, Bitglass has pulled together a list of the most scary security – or should they say insecurity – statistics.

Each year the media reports on hundreds of stories by companies focusing on various aspects of cyber security and breach trends… Here are some of the scariest…

# 61% of respondents reported at least one insider attack over the past 12 months (22 percent reported at least six separate attacks). (Source: Bitglass 2020 Insider Threat Report).

# Most organisations cannot guarantee that they can detect insider threats stemming from personal devices (82 percent) or the cloud (50 percent), while 81 percent find it difficult to assess the impact of insider attacks. (Source: Bitglass 2020 Insider Threat Report).

# 41 percent of organisations have not taken any steps to expand secure access for the remote workforce. (Source: Bitglass 2020 Remote Work Report).

# Despite BYOD fairly being embraced in the workforce, 51 percent of organisations lack any visibility into file sharing apps and 30 percent have no visibility or control over mobile enterprise messaging tools. (Source: Bitglass 2020 BYOD Report).