Bilsta57 Podcast Episode 12 today we discussed: 1:)Chromium OS gets unofficial 64-bit port 2:)Apple to Overhaul iTunes Service? 3:)iHandstick snap-on PS grip for iPhone 4:)iBuyPower nabs exclusive rights to sell Thermaltake Level 10 pre-built systems 5:)Apple Tablet due March 2010 6:)Wireworld’s Platinum Starlight HDMI is $1,000 7:)IEEE will push next 802.11 to 1Gbps speeds 8:)Boxee Box coming Q2 2010 9:)iPhone 3GS emulates N64 10:)Furutech unveils $1,800 Powerflux power cable 11:)Ustream iPhone app Have a listen!

thanks hope you all enjoy

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