This is a quick review of ASUS Transformer Tablet with the Keyboard Dock.  I know this isn’t the most recent version of the ASUS Transformer, but I just recently picked up the keyboard dock and thought it would be intersting to try and use it as a laptop.  This review is more on the ‘concept’ of replacing a computer with one of these Transformer tablets.

I first want to say that I like Android, so if it doesn’t sound like it, it’s only because I want so bad for it to be better because I really really want to love it.  I just don’t yet.  I was thinking “hm maybe changing the functionality of the device from a ‘tablet’ into a laptop might help.”  And in some places it does.  For example it feels less like a consumption device and one that I could create thing on.  I realize this is all really mental becase I’ve had these options the entire time, but having the physical keyboard connected makes this system ‘feel’ like it’s everything the Netbook wish it could be.  They say 16 hours of battery life and while I haven’t timed it, I can say this is going on day three of light usuage without a charge.  I have watched a couple of movies via Netflix so far, some light surfing and now I’m writing this review.

The keyboard/dock/battery does add a bit of weight to the device but that’s because it’s basicly a big old battery.  However it’s great to have the added functionality of being able to use full size SD Cards as well as having two full size USB ports for adding memory sticks or even a HDD that you can mount!

If you are on a budget and do not need a full ‘computer’ and would like the option of disconnecting into the tablet mode.  Then the ASUS’s Transformer line it is a good way to go. OR if you are REALLY into computers and you want to dig into the system and hack it to do your bidding then Android is a fun system to work in, but if you are use to Windows/Mac and are expecting to see the same apps on Android, you might be disappointed.  In most cases there are alternatives, for example I do not have MS Word, but I can make Word Documents in Polaris Office.  And while I have yet to purchase the Android version of the Adobe Apps, I do have Sketchbook Pro for doodling on the system.

All in all for me Android is still a ‘play ground’.  It’s where I play around and learn but my business all relies on Mac and iOS.  With my Nexus 7 coming soon that I’ll be using more and more of Android and it’s apps, and I’ll be running side by side comparisons of it vs the Kindle Fire.

Bily Foster