pre show wants and needs


1. wifi fix calls die. cant get on some wifi hotspots

2. facetime/audio bug with getting calls on the ipad mini

3. imessage sending on ipad mini



1.no crapware apps. needs to be able to remove the bloatware on first install of Ios 8. idea move it to the Icloud

2. faster and smaller ios installs for people that has 16gb iphone,ect. faster and smaller update downloads for ios updates


first off good selection of music that apple picked

ios 8

1.The new Mail app for iOS 8 wwdc-16

2.new Spotlight search

3.Here’s how the new iOS 8 notifications will look like screen-shot-2014-06-02-at-15203-pm

4.Here is the new group messaging in iOS 8 screen-shot-2014-06-02-at-20123-pm

5.new health kit app healthkit

6.new photo app wwdc-19

7. iOS 8 will launch in the fall.

8.widgets wwdc-21

9. Apple will now let you install third-party keyboards

10.home kit new app wwdc-23

11.you can use TouchID so you can log in to apps using your fingerprint. Everything is secure and stored on the device wwdc-22

12. Metal: In short, it allows developers to make eye-popping 3D games. wwdc-24

13. the zen garden app will be free in the app store

14.Apple has a new programming language called Swift, which will make it easier and faster to make new apps wwdc-28

15. iOS 8’s beta version is available to developers starting today. Everyone else will get it in the fall.

002. Siri now identifies songs, works without touching the phone DSC_1352.0_cinema_1200.0

and thats all she wrote



os x 10.10

1.osx Yosemite is the one that apple chose for their new os x name 

2.new imessage added more colors to the ui

3.new taskbar more colors to make it look better

4.redone icons for all of the apps on mac osx 10.10

5.see through ui and dock and on the folders looks like the sidebar wwdc-5[1]

6.a new dark mode theme for the pros out there 10440810_10152563943497275_5099307964966253454_n

7.Apple announced iCloud Drive 

8. The new Spotlight search wwdc-7[1]

9.The new calendar app wwdc-8[1]

10.The new Safari browser wwdc-11[1]


and thats all she wrote

cheers jacob