Today Apple release 5.2 for the Apple TV which brings a handful of new features.

  • Up Next
  • Bluetooth support
  • Speaker Options.

photo 2Up Next lets you see and shuffle the up coming songs, which is a nice option to change the playlist on the fly. You access this by pressing the center button on your remote and selecting Up Next.

But I’m personally excited about the Bluetooth support and speaker options. Right now I believe the only thing supported via Bluetooth is a keyboard but for now that’s good enough. It makes searching for something in my collection of over 600 movies, and looking for things on YouTube, Vimeo much easier.

photo 1I’m hoping this leads to the possibilities of Bluetooth controllers for games and Apps down the road.

Now you might be wondering what I mean by Speaker options. Speaker options lets you route the audio to a different device. In my case I have an AirPort setup with the speakers connected to the pool. So instead of using a full computer or one of my iPods I can pop something on the AppleTV and send the audio to the pool!

The AppleTV just keeps getting better and the TV space is starting to get exciting.

Last year was the year of the iPad,  lets hope this is the year of AppleTV!

Bily Foster – That iPad Guy