Diggnation Episode 98 – May 18, 2007Episode Thumbnail “She invented” Result Did you mean “He invented”, K-mart brand bacon looks as gross as it sounds, The funniest geek t-shirts around, The Top 15 Han Solo Quotes You Need to Use in Regular Conversation, 10 Reasons Why It Doesn’t Pay To Be “The Computer Guy”, You Know You’re in College When…, Machine Gives Full Night’s Sleep In 3 Hours



For just pennies a day, you too can help feed the hosts of Diggnation. If you happen to notice any of the following signs, it could be due to lack of beer on Diggnation:

– Alex not speaking about his windows *job girls
– Kevin not saying “drink biotch!”
– Alex becoming “pro mac” (don’t you let this happen)
– Kevin not requesting “dancing squirrels”
– The podcast starts to sound like TWiT

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