by: Brian Booher

Ever since I got my Amazon Kindle Fire, I have been wanting to find a way to stream my music and movies from my external hard drive and PC to my Kindle Fire.  While most searches ended with having to convert the files to be compatible with the Kindle Fire, I didn’t want to deal with converting and copying to the Kindle Fire’s small 8GB storage drive.

Enter Splashtop.


I found a video on CNET by Brian Cooley on how to stream audio and video from your PC or Mac to the Kindle Fire using Splashtop, found here.  The app itself cost me 99 cents on the Amazon Appstore, which was on sale from $4.99.  It is well worth the cost, even if it is not on sale.

Splashtop is a remote desktop app that allows you to take control of your PC/Mac like doing remote desktop from another regular computer.  The cool thing is that you can control your PC/Mac with your finger, though you will be controlling the PC/Mac with the mouse cursor.  You will be required to enter a password on the desktop side for security of which you enter again on your mobile device.

The coolest feature I like about Splashtop is that you can stream movies to your remote device, whether it be on iOS or Android.  If you are on your home network, the sound will sync with the videos, so they look awesome.  There might be a slight, and I mean slight, slowdown due to the speed of the processor, but it’s not a big deal and if you watch the movie long enough, you don’t notice it.

You do have to get the Splashtop streamer program to run on your PC/Mac. The nice thing is that this program is free.  It is the app that you access the PC/Mac that you have to pay for.  I bought mine for as low as 99 cents from the Amazon Appstore and from Apple App Store, though they were on sale at the time.  The iPad app is currently on sale for $4.99 in the U.S.  Just realize that the prices can change anytime.

One minor downside I did find with Splashtop is that when you connect to your PC/Mac, the resolution will be changed on the computer to fit the smaller screen of your device, though you do have the ability to change it back in the settings.  I have not found a feature that keeps the resolution of the remote computer’s resolution the same.  It can be a slight annoyance, but nothing major.  When you log off the computer, the resolution will return to normal if you did not change it on the mobile device.

You do have the ability to access your PC/Mac through the Internet if you might be at work or on vacation.  Splashtop will do this using your Gmail address.  There is a feature in the desktop settings that you enter your Gmail username and password. When you are on different networks, all you have to do is do a search on your mobile device and it will find the computer using your Gmail account.  How cool is that?

Splashtop Gmail

I do recognize that there are other remote desktop apps for mobile devices that may offer more functionality as well as apps that may be a lot more expensive or cheaper, like free.  I could have done the same thing, but since I was able to get the app for a good price, I think it is well worth the money.  There are other great apps that Splashtop makes as well. Products include Splashtop Touchpad that makes your device into a virtual keyboard and mousepad and Splashtop XDisplay that works by turning your iPad into a second monitor.

You can get all the info from the Splashtop website.

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