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Best of the Fest The Comedy Channel premieres two-part special from the Sydney Comedy Festival hosted by Lawrence Mooney


Media Release: Wednesday June 22, 2016
Best of the Fest
The Comedy Channel premieres two-part special from the Sydney Comedy Festival hosted by Lawrence Mooney

The Sydney Comedy Festival is Sydney’s biggest annual comedy event. Every year, hundreds of the world’s funniest comedians take to stages across Sydney to entertain. Foxtel was there on opening night at the Cracker Night gala to film a showcase of comedic talent creating the Best of the Fest for The Comedy Channel.

The two-part stand up special is hosted by Lawrence Mooney and features performances from some of the best local and international comedians. Steve Hughes, Larry Dean, Anne Edmonds, Dave Hughes, Ivan Aristgueta, Daniel Sloss, Dom Irrera, Aunty Donna and Akmal all perform live from Sydney’s Enmore Theatre.

Lawrence Mooney is one of this country’s most celebrated stand up comedians nominated for The Barry Award at The Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2015 and winner of Best Show at The Sydney Comedy Festival 2015. Lawrence has hit the microphone with his unique view of the human condition for 21 years and is also well known to TV audiences as host of Dirty Laundry Live and featured on It’s a Date.

The two Best of the Fest 30 minute specials premiere Friday July 15 and Friday July 22 at 9pm only on The Comedy Channel.


True Life Projected at Vivid Festival with Epson Artist Joe Crossley uses high end Epson Z-Series projectors for unique installation



SYDNEY, 22 June 2016 – Without the use of animation or artificial graphics, artist Joe Crossley’s Vivid 2016 installation, True Life, mapped the life of an object as viewed under a lens. Picture the cross-section of a microscope slide showing sea larvae or coral cells interacting in real time, with cells dividing and forming unique patterns. This is the field of vision through which True Life exists. Footage of these natural processes was projected using Epson Z-Series projectors onto a 3D sculpture taken from the shape of a Sodium Chloride crystal. Sodium Chloride is more commonly known as salt, the defining ingredient of the world’s oceans.

Crossley explained, “True Life draws on media produced by academics and students from the University of Sydney’s Faculty of Architecture and Faculty of Biomedical sciences. This was an installation trying to bridge the gap between science and art. We took microscopic images from oceanic cells and creatures and created a projection-mapped installation. The sculpture is based on a crystal of sea salt expanded and cleaned up, and the idea is that we can engage people to think of the sea and have more care in its conservation.”

Crossley used Epson EB-Z10000U WUXGA, HD, 10,000 lumens and EB-Z11000W WXGA, 11,000 lumens projectors to realise his vision with the True Life installation.

He continued, “The colour from the Epson projectors is the best. They give really great contrast for the images and they are bright and vibrant – a noticeable difference and something sadly lacking from other projectors in their class. Their control options, corner correction and calibration functions are the best I have ever used. The stability and durability of these projectors is another big plus and the controls are well thought out and simple. Finally the multi-angle orientation also allowed us to project in different ways.”

Crossley’s work takes him all over the world and he is known as an artist who never settles for second best where his work is concerned.

He concluded, “Without trying to sound too salesey, the Epson EB-Z10000U and EB-Z11000W are the best and most versatile projectors I have ever used. They work brilliantly straight out of the box and have a great durability, especially for artistic installations. That said, anything you need from Epson that’s not in the box is never an issue and always taken care of very quickly. Their level of service and support is excellent and second to none. As a result we can’t wait to get to use the new Epson high lumen laser projectors in the future.”

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Joe Crossley’s True Life at this year’s Vivid festival.


WatchESPN app lets Foxtel Subscribers binge on O.J.: Made in America


Media Release: Tuesday, June 21, 2016.

WatchESPN app offers early access to all 5 episodes of the documentary at the same time, ahead of the full linear broadcast

View the trailer here

Foxtel today reminded its Foxtel Sports and Foxtel Platinum subscribers that the popular WatchESPN app is available as part of their subscription, at no extra charge*. The reminder comes as ESPN has started airing the acclaimed 30 for 30 documentary O.J.: Made in America.

O.J.: Made in America made its initial debut in January 2016 at the Sundance Film Festival to critical praise. The 10-hour documentary features five, two-hour episodes on ESPN starting from 8.30pm 21 June – 25 June; however, Foxtel Sports and Foxtel Platinum subscribers have early access to all five episodes, to binge on, via WatchESPN starting at 10.30pm, immediately following the first episode’s premiere on ESPN on 21 June.

The five-part documentary-event is the first by ESPN Films and explores themes of race and celebrity in the US, zeroing in on the rise and fall of O.J. Simpson, from his early days as a darling football hero and movie star; to his trial for the murder of ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman; his acquittal and eventual prison sentence for a subsequent crime.

WatchESPN streams of the best international sport on your PC, tablet or mobile device. Foxtel Sports Pack subscribers and Foxtel Platinum subscribers get access to a range of live international sports, online only events and matches simulcast with ESPN television including NFL, NBA, MLB, ESPN films and more at no additional cost.

The WatchESPN app is available from the App Store and Google Play for Apple or Android devices or via for desktop, tablet or mobile.

*You must be an existing Foxtel Sports customer to access content from WatchESPN. Existing subscription fees apply. Requires compatible smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac. Internet connection required. ISP and data charges apply.


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