Techwebcast Video Episode 333

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TW:333 John Voshell from Tech Webcast. Like this? Watch the latest episode of Tech Webcast on Blip!

Talk to John about his indie music website.

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Party MAX with Effie: 90s Classic Style

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Media Release: Wednesday May 20, 2015

Two Hour Countdown premieres on MAX Saturday, June 6 at 8pm Channel 805 only on Foxtel

Hello, good thanks! Our favourite Greek goddess Effie, the stunning megastar slash cultural icon takes over Party MAX.

Join Effie for her Top 25 classic songs of the 90s. There’s MC Hammer, La Bouche, Peter Andre, Paula Abdul and more. Songs to get you on the floor or on your back! How embarrassment!

Throw in some classic Effie advice covering everything from love to fashion to cars and technology, and you have two hours of Party MAX you don’t want to miss.

PARTY MAX WITH EFFIE: 90s CLASSIC STYLE two hour special local production premieres on MAX Saturday June 6 at 8.00pm Channel 805 only on Foxtel.

Effie’s Classic 90s Hits album is available now.


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Our Android Week 5/18/2015

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Youtube Channel

Topics are here:


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View Aquarius on Presto

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***Media Alert*** May 19 2015
What is Aquarius:
· Set in the 1960s, Aquarius is a suspense filled crime drama starring David Duchovny, in his highly anticipated return to television, as a cop who goes undercover to track Charles Manson and the infamous Manson family. The series also stars Australian actress Claire Holt, Gethin Anthony, Brian Shafe and Emma Karn.
· Aquarius is coming first to Presto with an exclusive and special ‘Age of Aquarius’ binge offering of all 13 episodes for the first 28 days from Friday, May 29, same day as the US.
· Afterward, Presto will continue to screen each episode of Aquarius as it makes its linear broadcast run in the US and will keep all episodes available following the season’s conclusion.
· View trailer:

Want to preview Aquarius?
· From today entertainment writers/reviewers with access to the Channel 7 Screening Room can access the first two episodes of Aquarius by using their log-in user ID and password.
· Writers not registered to Screening Room, and who intend to publish reviews of Aquarius can contact to apply for registration credentials.

How to see it during release?
· The exclusive Australian premiere of Aquarius will be on Presto TV and Presto Entertainment.
· First time users can access all 13 episodes of Aquarius as part of Presto Entertainment’s 30 day free trial once the series goes live on May 29.
· For $9.99 per month Australians can subscribe to Presto TV or subscribe to Presto Entertainment, which bundles Presto TV with Presto Movies, for $14.99 per month with no ongoing commitment. All you need is internet, data and a compatible device
· To subscribe, visit:

How to watch
· Presto is currently available across PC/ Mac, iPads, iPhones, selected Android tablets & smartphones and via Google Chromecast. Subscribers can register up to four compatible devices and watch two devices simultaneously.


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Video of the Day (Pocke Casts for iPad and iPhone)

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Youtube Channel
if your into Podcast check out this video.


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GRAND DESIGNS AUSTRALIA SPECIALS Never before seen episodes, Thursdays at 8.30pm from June 4, only on Foxtel

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Never before seen episodes, Thursdays at 8.30pm from June 4, only on Foxtel

There’s nothing like a mid-year slump to induce longings for a simpler life in the country, and as the days get colder and longer in June, The LifeStyle Channel on Foxtel will ignite your imagination with three never before seen specials of its hit local-production, Grand Designs Australia, and leave you just envious enough to dream of the good life.

Hosted by leading Australian architect, Peter Maddison, each episode in the three-part series will feature a different approach to building a home in regional Australia. From the artistic brothers bonding over a spectacular one bedroom creation at Yackandandah, to a pair who are swapping out their life running a grand old Bendigo bed and breakfast for a bold new and dramatically modern enterprise, and the couple building a fire proof, sustainable, non-toxic house at Kinglake.

Episode 1, Yackandandah Sawmill House – A sculptor and his architect brother are building a small contemporary home using massive elements, on the edge of an escarpment in Yackandandah, northeast Victoria. All the elements will be painstakingly handcrafted on site by the brothers in the adjacent historic sawmill studio, but there are too few plans and increasingly different ideas. At some point, someone is going to have to make hard decisions. Chris is the architect, but its Bens house… so who will have the final say?

Episode 2, Harcourt Quarry – After purchasing 45 acres, including a stone quarry, at Harcourt near Bendigo, partners Art and Troy are restoring the existing 1800s granite cottage and incorporating it into a multi-level contemporary home, with a massive basement theatre, a huge open plan kitchen living area topped off with the only bedroom and glass ensuite on the third level. Tight heritage and archaeological restrictions along with permissions from parks, farming and fire departments have already cost them 4-years of planning and $80,000, so they’re champing at the bit to get going and to get it right

Episode 3, Kinglake Non Toxic House – Kinglake, an hour from Melbourne, was one of the worst affected areas in the 2009 Black Saturday bushfires. Dan tragically lost his home and understandably couldn’t face the prospect of re-building on the same site. He eventually found 20 acres where he could start again. So he and his partner, Vicky, are building a fire resistant, sustainable house which reflects their zero waste ideals. It’s a huge leap of faith and one that makes no guarantees. With untested systems and new technologies wrapped up inside a crushed brick industrial façade, will their $600,000 budget get them the truly sustainable rural escape they’re chasing?

Grand Designs Australia is produced by FremantleMedia Australia exclusively for Foxtel’s The LifeStyle Channel. The three-part Grand Designs Australia Specials will air Thursdays at 8.30pm from June 4.


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