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Diggnation Episode 85 – February 13, 2007

Episode ThumbnailLive from Park Chalet in San Francisco!!! Penny Arcade Accepts SCEA President Jack Tretton’s Find-A-PS3 Challenge. Gates dares anybody to exploit Vista. Comcast admits bandwidth cap 200 GB / month and is a moving target. Have astronauts ever had sex in space? Best Buy Secret Employee Only Website Shows Different Prices From Real Site. New ‘Smart’ Digg This Buttons For Your Website/Blog. Breaking: Guitar Hero comes to the Wii!

cheeer¬† brad ūüėČ

Diggnation Episode 82 – January 25, 2007

Episode Thumbnail

Netflix Internet TV/Film Delivery Starts This Week. Battery Breakthrough: 10 times more powerful and shipping this year? Office 2008 Mac Screenshots. Public can purchase $100 laptop. Diggnation on the BIG Screen! Black Google Would Save 3,000 Megawatts a Year. How far can you bend the wing of a Boeing 777 before it breaks?

– brad

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