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Diggnation Episode 90- March 22, 2007

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Woman grows nipple on foot. The True “Worst Game Cover of All Time.” Pictures of the Craziest Urinals From Around the World. What ever happened to the “Chunk” actor from The Goonies? 10 of the Most Awkward TV Interviews. Most realistic CG render. Super Close Google Maps Zooms. BONUS!!! After the credits, Kevin Rose interviews Kevin Lynch about Adobe’s latest and greatest project, Apollo!!

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– brad

Diggnation Episode 89 – March 15, 2007

Episode Thumbnail It has Been LEGAL to Unlock Your Cell Phone Since November 2006! The “300” Workout. Never give up! Never surrender! The best feature of Vista that you never knew about! Photographer Captures Fleeing Hit-And-Run Suspect with Zoom Lens. Girls suspended over “Vagina Monologues.” Meet EZTV, The Leading TV-torrent Distribution Group. And a special BONUS!! After the credits, clips from the Diggnation Temecula screening courtesy


Diggnation Episode 88 – March 8, 2007

Episode Thumbnail Jenna Fischer (hot chick from the office) dressed as a stripper in new film. The Really Big Guide to Secret Menu Items at Fast Food Restaurants. Geek Squad Charges $415 Dollars To Replace A Hard Drive. Beer launching fridge. THINGS THAT MAKE YOU SAY “HOLY SHIT!!! Angry Second Life players set off nukes in game world. Can you survive for 24 hours without your computer?

— brad

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