Subatomic Studios has this great Tower Defense game called Fieldrunners HD that I received as part of the Humble Bundle 3 for Android collection. And so far it’s my favorite game of the bunch.

I like it so much that I’ll dare to say the whole bundle is worth throwing a few bucks at just to pick up Fieldrunners alone.

You’re trying to prevent an invading Army from getting into your strong hold by placing Gatling Towers, Goo Towers, Missile Towers and Flame Towers along side Shotgun Towers, Tesla Towers and Mortar Towers.

You start with a limited budget, and build up as you start to kill your enemy. After you build up your bank then you can buy towers or upgrade them for more firepower.

As the assaulting army starts marching in, your towers go to work trying to stop or slow the enemy down in their various ways. If you can prevent the wave from getting soldiers in you make it to the next round. Once they get 20 attackers in, it’s end of the line, game over, and you are done.

Strategy Tip!

I’ve found building a Six Flags Serpentine line you not only slow down the progress of the attackers charge, but you get the Opportunity to hit them on both sides as they march up and down the line.

I totally dig Fieldrunners, I give it a four out of five stars. It’s available for the iPhone, iPad, Android as well as your computer via Steam. I’ve already spent several hours in the game with another several planned in the near future.

Bily Foster – That iPad Guy